Tuesday, February 28, 2023
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Makueni CEC nominee for devolution- Mr. Mang’oka (Profile, Networth & Agenda for Makueni)

Japheth Musyoka Mang’oka

From: Kaiti Constituency, Kilungu ward, Kithangathini village.
Born 1968
Working in the office of Auditor General.

Primary – Kilungu day school
Secondary – Kathiani secondary
University of Nairobi

Office of the auditor general.

Areas I have Audited;
-PARASTATALS & MINISTRIES eg Kemsa, Kemri, Kenyatta Hospital e.t. c
-Minstry of interior
-NACADA e.t.c

Social welfare groups;
-Chair of local area church
-Board of directors in Kithangathini primary

A farmer & a business person

25 Million eminating from small businesses here and there, livestock, houses & a car.

Questions & Answers;

Part of CEC work is Administrative. Having acquired

How did you join the audit field?
I underwent training after highschool i.e. in job training.

Have you ever been implicated with any corruption cases?
Not at all.

We have a village Council that Kibwana didn’t implement. What’s your plan on the same?
-Section 53 describes that council & what they should be doing. That council should be in place. The question of when should be the soonest.

After how long?
-I will have to check what my predecessor has done about it. If they didn’t start I will initiate.

Your predecessor implemented Clusters.

  • Clusters are not in recognised in law. What exists is the village Council.

How will you transcend from the clusters to the council?

  • Civic education Mr. Chair. I will have to engage in a robust civic education to make people know what is supposed to be as per law.

What about Sub-ward admin?
Sub-ward admin is not anchored anywhere in law. He is supposed to be a village administrator Mr. Chair. I will be required to follow the administrative structure that is in law.

What does this docket entail?
There is Devolution, there are special programs & there is Public Participation.

What improvement would you make from what the other administration left?
I must appreciate what the other administration did in matters devolution. They did well. But we have to look in to some matters like these clusters. They are good, but we could be having an issue with the roles played by the clusters and how they operate.

Why leave a well paying job to come here?
-Intrest to serve humanity Mr. Chair.

Are you still vying for Kaiti Constituency MP seat?
-No. Am currently not.

Being the chief minister, since you hold the most important docket, how are you planning to run affairs of this docket?
-Its simple. The structure is within the guidelines. That’s what I will follow. We need organised structure just the way provincial administration operates.

Do you think public participation has been effective? It’s alluded that it was used as a cashcow for some people..

  • First, We must identify our stakeholders. So that we can trace who we are meeting for the public participation and for what purposes. We also need to seal gaps like inclusivity in the process e.g. people with disabilities, old people et.c. If it has been used as a cashcow by some people that will come to an end.

Some auditors are given bribes. Are you part of them?
-I serve in an institution that requires one to be of high levels of Integrity to serve in. I honestly do not practice such.

How is your Audit experience going to help this county?
-Civic education. There are many groups you can report about corruption & other cases but our people do not know. We also need quite alot of inputs on the PMCs. We need to use them to help us get real time & TRUE information of the ongoing projects.

What measures will you take to help in the looming draught?
-That is now under the special programs. Already some measures are being put in place. I have seen the governor meeting national government officials to discuss how to handle this. I will embark on supporting our Governor in that. I agree we need long-term solutions to this. But we also need short term.

Your last Remarks?



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