Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Makueni CEC nominee for transport- Eng. Kyoni response to county assembly questions


-Went to Mulala primary school
-Highschool education at Starehe boys center
-Higher education at -JKUAT

-Management trainee with EABL
-Engineer – Bidco company for 7 years
-Lead engineer at sugar company in Tanzania
-Joined county government of Makueni in 2017 until April 2021

Am worth 55 Million shillings emanating from Property, land, house, shares & stock that I own.

Roads are backed up by various development plans e.g SDG 9 which is about infrastructure, Vision 2030 & county development plans. This makes the roads a great enabler of development.

Response to questions by MCAs;

Emali – Ukia road:
This was once KENHA road ,went to KERRA and is now back to KENHA. Myself and a team of professionals we pushed for restructuring of the road and am happy the designs are complete. As the county minister i will colleborate with national government to push for its implementation.

Energy & Electricity:
We have 30% access to electricity in our county. That’s terrible. There is need to have our county exploit the potential of solar we are blessed with. I will push on that. I will also push on promoting awareness in the green energy. Green energy is associated with climate change. We have goodwill with partners willing to partner with us to enable us push that agenda forward. If for instance we have our hospitals equipped with solar power, we will have cut cost. So I will push for the agenda.

County stalled projects:
I will start by checking on all stalled projects, then we will do a scope to establish the need of those projects. We’ll also rebudget and complete the projects based on the needs.

What are the main challenges facing the department?
Policy & Adminstration. Policies are there but Implementation has been the biggest challenge.

What’s your plan on Road maintenance:
Grading, Marrum & drainage structures is what is going to help us going forward. That way our roads will sustain a few rains. That’s going to be my focus.

Tell us about your plan to solve delays & frequent failure of county machinery:
First, Machines supposed to serve the wards will be available in those wards. I will want to have localised repair centers for our machinery. A machine working in mtito andei for instance can be repaired in mtito incase of failure instead of bringing it to wote. That way we will ensure the delays are reduced.

Encroachment of people’s land while making roads:
Survey is the way forward. We have to colleborate with the department of lands to do survey on all our roads. This way we will not have issues of members of public taking us to court for encroaching their land.

What’s your first 100 days pledge?

  1. I will ensure almost all the county equipment are up & running with 100 days.
  2. We have to decentralise repair of equipment & supply of fuel to the equipment. That will be a game changer in the activities of this department.

Your last Remarks;
I took part in developing the governor’s manifesto. Am aware on what’s there and I believe am the right person for its implementation in matters roads & infrastructure.



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