Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Makueni CEC nominee for Water – Eng. Kasyoki (Profile, Networth & Agenda for Makueni)

Eng. John Kasyoki Kieti

-Ithemboni primary
-Kamuthembu high
-Dagoreti high school
-University of Nairobi
-Belgium to study water engineering

Work experience;
-Ministry of water & development – Eastleigh workshops
-Isiolo divisional water officer. (Heading Marsabit, Isiolo & Meru)
-Workshop engineer central workshop Nairobi (head of water machines mentainance)
-Nairobi – Assistant director in charge of water Machines procurement.
-National water cooperation
-among others…

Worth 60 Million

Questions & Answers;

What’s your experience in matters water?
I have been in the sector for 38 years.

Why can’t you allow young people to take over?
Experience matters. We were 1000 applicants and I qualified. Chair you can’t have someone as the minister simply because he is young. In matters water experience is everything.

How is your experience going to help this county?
There is money left in the national government, around 85%. The money in maji house is controlled by people I have schooled with & worked with before. I will use those linkages to source funds towards water projects in our county. I’m in a position to engage some people and partners who can do bulk dams eg. 600K M².

What way for Makueni? Boreholes or service water?
One, You can’t do boreholes in most parts of Makueni. I will focus on service water. We have a challenge with underground water in Makueni. Service water comes from rain.

Your plan on reviving water plans?
We have some schemes likes Owasco, kimawasco e.t.c. I plan to initiate and revive schemes like Kiiya Nzau in kee Kaiti, mwea will supply Mbooni, ngomano will supply Kibwezi, mulima and kinze to mbooni. Having worked with thwake, I will be very keen on the implementation of the second phase of Thwake.

How will you sort the scarcity of water in Wote?
I will first improve the Kaiti one, Kamunyulo water project. I will restart Kaiti 2. I will also engage the CEO of tanathi to help us do Kaiti 3.

What will you do to help us get water in Malili?
We have a borehole called ulu 3 which produces 58K Leters per hour. The problem is the casing. I will connect ulu 1 and noultresh. That will be sufficient.

How long will that plan take?
I will do it soon as you allocate money even if it’s the first day in the office.

Wha will you do to Stalled projects;
If a project stalled due to lack of funds, we will come back to you for more funding so tha we complete these.

Your last Remarks;
I have to go to the field because I am an engineer. I will be less in the office and more on the ground. I will deliver.



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