Monday, February 20, 2023
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HomeMakueni partners with Eveminet, Tiktok to promote safe use of internet.

Makueni partners with Eveminet, Tiktok to promote safe use of internet.

Parents, teachers, guardians and institutions have been urged to help curb misuse of internet by persons of young age.

Speaking during an event to mark the Safer Internet Day, Makueni county ICT, Education and Internship CECM Elizabeth Ndunge has called on all instructions to collaborate in the move to ensure that children use internet safely.

“We will be meeting students at Makueni Boys and Ukia Girl to educate them about safety use of internet, there are alot of risks associated with bad use of internet, one of them is identity theft, we believe that internet is a very good resource, we have seen people make alot of money through internet,” Elizabeth said.

Makueni county has partnered with Eveminet Communication Solution and Kenya Film and Classification Board together with Tiktok to promote safe use of internet.

Eveminet founder Evelyn Kasina on her side has called on the youth to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology to make a living.

Kasina has revealed that they are planning to work with county governments to promote safe use of internet for children who are more vulnerable to misuse of the vice.

“In few years we have seen children who are being blackmailed because someone told them to send a nude photo of themselves and when they send that photo they did not have any control over those who have them,” Kasina elaborated.

Kasina has called on adults to be ambassadors and train the young people and show them how to use the internet without implicating themselves.

Makueni was last year awarded the best innovative through use of technology.



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