Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Quality Washing Glove


  • They provide good grip when washing your utensils

  • Can used to wash pets or work in your small garden.

  • Protect your hands and prevent accidental burns.



This Gentle Tableware Gloves is made of high quality silicone and eco-friendly. Food grade silicone.
.They provide good grip when washing your utensils Super Easy to Clean! Hold the Germs! Can be sterilized in boiling water, microwaves or dishwashers.
. Easier to use and clean: use this silicone brush to replace your old style brush to improve the hygiene of the kitchen. Super easy to clean the brush, just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher, it has no residue.
. Cute design with Shapes and Colors! Prefect as Little Gifts.

. multipurpose can be used as Pet Hair Massage, for Cleansing Bath, Kitchen and even for bathing..

They also make working over the grill and smoker much safer.
Completely water proof providing excellent protection from steam and hot liquids.
Comfortable, no irritation the skin.
Flexible-Are soft and flexible.
Easy to keep clean


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